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Gold Lounge

Milan, Italy

Gold Lounge a.k.a. Michele Effe is a composer, producer and DJ of Chillout ,Lounge ,Ambient and electronic music.
Thanks to his collaborations with some European labels like Sine,Tyranno lounge ,Sony and Ideal Musik,He released many tracks in some of the best chillout compilation like Chillbar,Cosmic Chill Lounge, Diamonds and Pearls ,Bar Lounge Classic, Erotic Lounge series and Le Cafè Abstrait by the famous Dj Raphael Marionneau.
Gold Lounge released two complete album “Spirals” and the recent "Double Life" that has reached the 4th position in the Deutsche Chillout Charts and has been present for weeks in the iTunes electronic charts. Gold Lounge is today one of the most Italian sought-after producers of Chillout and Lounge music ,you can listen his radio show on some of the best web radio specialized in chillout music.
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