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Sebastian Creeps (Gil G)

Nice, France

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Start Music 1980 | HOUSE MUSIC LOVER
Originally from Nice (France), it was in 1980 that Sebastian Creeps discovered the Deejaying while listening to Tony Humpries and Larry Petterson’s Kiss FM NY radio show.
Influenced by Larry Levan, dj of the Paradise Garage in NYC, he is passionate about Disco and House from the beginning.
Producer and remixer on the NYC label King Street Sounds, UNKWN Records (Victor Simonelli label, NYC), Karmic Power Records (Lenny Fontana label, NYC), MOISS Records (RS) Sebastian Creeps plays House Music in the most prestigious clubs of the French Riviera, Monte-Carlo and worldwide.

Peace & LoVe is his sign, House Music is his strenght. (Profil) (Fan Page) (Instagram) (Twitter)

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Sebastian Creeps (Gil G)

❤️ Start Music 1980, play in club & radio since 1984 ❤️ HOUSE MUSIC LOVER ❤️I propose you through my shows New York Vibes the finest in Real House Music. These shows are broadcast in Facebook Live every two weeks and every Thursday on from 5pm to 6pm (EST Time - NYC). New York Vibes Radio Show will remain accessible to all on Mixcloud for the purpose of sharing and for the love of House Music. By subscribing to my channel you will hear exclusive shows, listen Shows offline, access upfront tracklists and support the artists and rights holders whose music I play ❤️

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