TBE 050315

TBE 050315

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TBE 050315

Aural meander

No.7 of The Bathtime Experiment on Shore Radio Edinburgh. Recorded live every Thursday night from 9-11pm. Unfortunately the 190215 edition did not record. I had to miss the following week as well. After some thought I decided against replaying all those tracks in this weeks collection. I thought it was a good one but still. Some great tracks which will no doubt be played again at some point.

This one features a few rants, however you can thankfully skip through the indistinct, sing song mutterings to tracks such as 'In the land of Grey and Pink' by Caravan in Pycroft's Perusal along the Pedestrian Precinct of Progressive rock, SLUG are the FAOTW, my favourite british tv host when I was a child features in the smorgasbord of the strange and the obligatory Frank Zappa track this week features Hawaiian lunch.

Directly apply to required strength.


Playing tracks by The Flaming Lips, Slug, Melt Yourself Down, Vasquez, Fat Goth and more.