extended modulation #92

extended modulation #92

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extended modulation #92
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extended modulation

extended modulation is a monthly eclectic radio show,
merging classical music, neo classical, soundtrack, alternative
and electronic beats. originally aired on byte.fm - december 12, 2016.


Playing tracks by Hudson Mohawke, Nxworries, Stephan Mathieu, Moire, Drs, Bibio and more.

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Enjoyed the show very much my friend, keep up the good work over there!

extended modulation

thanks for the flowers doode - cheers from berlin !!!

extended modulation

extended modulation #92



hour 01

bv - up in the flesh
hudson mohawke - play n go
nxworries - khaija
andrew kubiszewski - bows and saws (the colony / soundtrack)
charli baltimore - money (accapella version)
carlos chavez - toccata
sylvain chauveau & stephan mathieu - wild love
jim dooley - girl's gotta pay rent / good one's are always married (obsessed / soundtrack)
moiré feat. drs - lost you
bibio - chancylania
rupert gregson-williams - duck shot (the crown / soundtrack)
fogh depot - who the last says no
shigeto - what are we made of
blessed initiative - out with the old, in with the new flesh
svarte greiner - garden
ryan teague - diversion 2
jain - son of a gun
zion I - saving souls
rocket science - rocket science
my panda shall fly - tsar
submerse - cloud_5


hour 02

soosh - fading mankind
devonwho - reccuringtheme
memotone - living
rayon - on the quiet
kammerflimmer kollektief - in transition (version)
rebekka karijord - morula
manu delago feat. pete josef - a step
cancer - testa prima nera
archive - twisting
mick flannery - i own you
paul weller - kosmos
babyshambles - sticks & stones
pigeonhed - lovely lines
baaz - you (can't)
the kleenerz - melancholia
dengue dengue dengue - yuyu
queen - we will rock you (accapella version)