Ichiro_ - Zansho

Ichiro_ - Zansho

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Ichiro_ - Zansho
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Next in our in-frequent series of mixtapes is ichiro_, one Japans' top-notch beat makers. He just released the debut album 'Unconsidered_' with Japanese Oilworks and published a digital EP 'Noon' earlier in June 2011.

What is true for ichiro_’s original productions can be found with Zansho Mixtape as well. He squeezes 23 tracks into 60 tight minutes, songs strongly enlaced and re-edited with reverb, delay, and compression.
What we get to hear is one hour of high energy beats, a mesmerizing flow of instrumental Hip Hop and electronic music, with hints of UK Bass and Japanese Rap. ichiro_ balances abrasive beats with highly textured pads; his influence from Ambient and Tape music is obvious.
Despite all the heavyness ichiro_ manages to surprise with elegant and fresh sounds every once a while, making Zansho a proper must-listen.

More info and free download: www.er-br.com/ebcmx007


Playing tracks by Ichiro_, Actress, Hubert Daviz, Moa Pillar, Samiyam and more.



I found what I've been looking for. Заебись, Ichiro_


damn, that Moa Pillar tune is a belter


great mix!!!!

thierry massard

très belle réalisation ... et MiX parfait ! merci