The Eclectic Ladyland Liveshow

Tipota, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Eclectic Ladyland Liveshow
[ðə ɪklɛktɪk ledilænd lajvʃo]

a series of mixtapes for open-minded people.

without any musical boundaries, each mix is a wonderland of styles, blending music from all over the globe, new and old, far and wide.

jazz, soul, funk, afrobeat, latin, brasil, exotica, dub, reggae, downtempo, triphop, blues, psychedelic rock, leftfield electronica, disco, house, hiphop, breaks, bass, future beats, crazy covers, weird versions, rare grooves & everything in between

winner Mixcloud's Online Radio Awards 2017

hosted by Jona

The Eclectic Ladyland Liveshow


Two Winter Days


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One Winter Day


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On The Road #21


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The Eclectic Ladyland Liveshow

Since 1999 i've been digging all over the world & spending every last cent in my pocket on records and it's my greatest pleasure to share all these discoveries with you.

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