Cambridge, United Kingdom

Hello, I am a DJ TOTY GEE and I am a DJ and a Producer living in Cambridge.
I started as a DJ turntablist and I have long experience in Gigs, Nightclubs, Hotels and private events (Birthdays or celebrations) around Europe, I also collaborated with my show on some radio by presenting my chart or just mixing.
4 DJs competition in second place, 25 songs were produced and 7 remix and megamix. (Rem, Beyoncé, Natalie Aart...)
Genres: disco music 80s, 90s and new (mainstream), house (Club, Disco, Jackin, Chicago, Funky) and trance (vocal, uplifting, psy)
I like to mix all together but I can do only one music genre above if required.
Based in Cambridge but I can come to your venue and plug in my controller or my USB stick. Or I can stream for U
TEL: +441223968860 - M: +447743990727 
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Hello, I am a DJ and producer living in Cambridge UK with years of experience collaborating with 2 radio. Music genres: disco dance (80’s, 90’s and new music), house (club, funky disco, tech, pumping, fitness), trance (vocal, uplifting, Psy) Available in person for your party or your nightclub, bar, restaurant, event or gig or in streaming and in virtual reality.
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