Undercover Rasta Interview 2021

Undercover Rasta Interview 2021

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Undercover Rasta Interview 2021
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As broadcast on www.vibesfm.net, our special guest is Undercover Rasta, a Florida based band rooted in reggae and blending a mixture of Soul, Latin, Pop, Country and Rock.
Living testament to music bringing all kinds of people together.
They have a self titled new album out and we are delighted that they made time to have a conversation with us.
The new album is available for free download here: https://www.undercoverrasta.com
Thanks to Terry Don for the link up.
Listen live on www.vibesfm.net or tunein https://tunein.com/radio/Vibes-FM-s81249/ Wednesdays 6-8pm UK time.
More info:
@djsarahc @vibesfm @dvibesuk

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