Tampa, United States

Paul (DJ) Santana out of Tampa, FL grew up with his family heavily into the music scene. At the age of thirteen Paul began practicing mixing on two home turntables and a Radio Shack mixer. At the age of fourteen Paul received his first job spinning at a skating rink in Tampa, FL.

His love for music grew throughout high school. Paul was the DJ at all the school dances and was the resident DJ at Faces, a teen night club in Tampa & Off Limits in Brandon, FL. Through the years Paul performed live clubs and events throughout the United Sates.

Paul launched his website in 2002 There you can see where and when DJ Santana will be performing. You can also stream monthly mixes on demand.

Check out these website for more from DJ Santana:

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I'm on a long journey searching for the perfect place to live stream and my mix with my fans while trying to make new fans. @djpaulsantana

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