DJ Neil Armstrong

Flushing, United States

Born & bred in NYC, DJ Neil Armstrong turned his love of music and hip
hop culture into a career that has allowed him to play music for the masses all over
the world – from small 100 person venues to large scale music festivals with thousands in attendance.
Neil initially gained notoriety for his mixtape projects, which showcased his DJ skills as well as his vast eclectic knowledge of music. These highly regarded mixtapes generated considerable press – most notably in Rolling Stone, Vibe,, Theme, URB and Complex – and they often became the soundtrack of choice for many in the streetwear/fashion/music industry.
Eventually Neil’s reputation as a turntable musician landed him a spot as Jay-Z’s tour DJ. From 2008-2010 he backed up Mr. Carter on 4 tours around North America, Europe and Africa. Neil held down the turntables for the televised 9/11 tribute at Madison Square Garden, and performed in front of 120,000 plus at the Glastonbury Festival in England.

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DJ Neil Armstrong twitch Live! City pop from quarantine 11/14


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Nov 28th - New wave Snobs twitch livestream


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Twitch livestream Dec 12th - All 45s - what's in my stash????


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DJ Neil Armstrong Live! NOV 21st - Dance good


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City Pop! -  Live twitch stream from 4-11-2022


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Return to Japan - dropped a city pop set to celebrate...


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DJ Neil Armstrong Live!
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DJ Neil Armstrong

Hello fellow music fans.

Where I found my whole niche in this thing called DJing was when I started making mixtapes. Almost every major thing that happened in my career (like DJing for the Jay-z, becoming an adidas global ambassador) was because ya'll listened to my mixes.

Even though the heyday of mixtapes are long gone, I still love making them. Here on my channel you can take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the classics I've put out thru the years, as well as peep the next chapters in my mixtape library.

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