Madrid, Spain

Dj Moderno is a recognized Indie/ Dance / Nu Disco DJ in Spain.He was founder member of the spanish electropop band HORTHY and currently member of DJ MODERNO (Live) and AMYJO DOH&THE SPANGLES. He is also a recognized remixer and produces his own songs under Dj Moderno. As DJ he has shared cabin with main indie DJs and played in the main indie venues around Spain He has participated in several summer festivals as Palmfest, Festival ElectroPop, EasyPop, Electroperra, Sonorama.
He regularly plays and composes music for Cibeles Fashion Parade for spanish designers as Antonio Pernas or Roberto Verino.
He uses CD's + Live Abbleton + AKAI APC40 which allows him to produce live mash-ups. He plays his own remixes
Only mixtapes here, for all remixes look into or
For own songs and official remixes check Dj Moderno's profile on Spotify
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