Dj Alex Mejia

Oakland, Ca, United States

Alex Mejia has been mixing it up from The Bay to LA for two decades now! He's been DJing since 1986 and was one of the original mixers on KMEL 'til '96. Put your headphones on and get ready to party - you can hear the programming and music production knowledge that Alex has picked up over the years. Celebrate life and dance along, because Alex has exceeded his goal of 365 shows - a mix for every day of the year!

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Dj Alex Mejia

Turn me up and JAM! I've been recording mix shows since 1986 and feel it’s important to give back to my community. So, please enjoy the non-stop party music with this O.G and share with your friends. My signature mixing style is infused with strategic programming, a vast music catalogue and knowledge of music production that I have gained over the years. I love feedback so drop me a message and let’s connect. Big shout out to The Churchward Pub, LatinLife Radio, Beats 4 Hope and all the party people from The Bay to LA for all the love. Salute!

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