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bugg - Sufficiently efficient

bugg - Sufficiently efficient

Chart positions

This show was 11th in the global drum n bass chart, 16th in the global jungle chart, 17th in the global dnb chart, 23rd in the global drum and bass chart and 56th in the global drum & bass chart.

Minimal and darker dnb set. Quite a few releases from Exit and Metalheadz, as well as tunes from other well-established UK labels such as Flexout, Hospital, Commercial Suicide and Defcom – and also international labels from the Japan (Subroc), New Zealand (Samurai), US (Ammunition, Offshore), Canada (Murder Channel), Netherlands (Celsius), France (IM:Ltd), Switzerland (Demand), Finland (Lightless) and Ireland (Absys).

Big shout-out to K@os for sharing his massive Never Watch Television track with me!

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Oh my god, you have taken me on a journey. The soundscape you create is amazing. Looking at your bio you can see the many influences that have shaped your style, unique and mesmerising . Can't wait to check our some of your other stuff✊👂


Hey Feeva, thanks for your kind words, happy that you enjoyed this journey :)


Bugg ...what a session :) Must take ya a fair while to compile these tracklists! Really appreciate the trip down memory lane everytime u upload. Loved the intro leading into Photek_Knitevision ..a minimal roller at its 🔥 Thx for sharin'


Cheers, ProCeed! :) It's important not to forget these good old tunes, it's great you remember them :)


Nice one Bugg, something a bit different for my ears and i really enjoyed it! Cheers bro 🔥


Thanks, Cameron, glad you enjoyed this one!


Yes I did thanks man ... was just trying to be all cool about it and stuff hahaha :D how’s your track not long till deadline ;)


Don't be shy mate haha it's a massive choon!


Haha yeh not bad that was way back first ep about 7 years ago now wait till you hear the ones on this album I have a Kaos infusion one from about 4 years ago unreleased tho and a remix of a mates track probably also about 4 years ago plus a collab with MC So Low noise pollution project Zarah Jones and M005 ... this one specially made for the album mc so low thanking everyone for helping Kaiden ... that ones a cracker almost mainstream although it’s actually liquid dropping into jump up lol ... you will love it I’ll be sending promo out soon think I’m going to not send the whole album to anyone just a select few DJs will get a couple tracks each but different ones then the DJs still have to buy the album ... as it’s for charity like :) ... so anyway I’ll make sure you get that one and your one and a couple others what sub genre would you like the others ? Liquid jungle jump up neuro funk new school dark ... we got most stuff lol you can have 2 more for promo 4 altogether :)


Can I get some neuro and jungle pls? :)

unit grooves

again another stellar bugg here :) Much thx brother in mind 😎🙏


Thanks, UG! :)


Yes yes bruvaaaaa cracking mix this one very interesting spin on jump up n minimal funk ;)


Cheers mate! Did you notice your own track in the middle? :)

John Hartmann

Interesting, like what you did here.


Thanks, John - happy to hear you appreciate my little experiment here :)

Mad One 77

This is one superb collection👌great Intro! Dekweef and The Drained are 🔥sweet the droppin science stuff and own a lot of them, of course the whole Danny Breaks Releases...hope there will be more. Btw I had to delete sum comments just because this app is fkn 💩 🤷🏽‍♂️ nevermind 😉 respect and keep it up bugg✌thx 4 sharing 🙏


Yo MadOne! great to hear we're on the same page with Dropping Science and Facs here! :) big up man!


1. Loxy & Resound - Residual Movement (Exit Records - UK)
2. Genotype - Further Searching (Exit Records - UK)
3. Photek – Knitevision (Science - UK)
4. Ed Rush & Optical – Dozer (Virus Recordings)
5. Phil Source & Outrage - The Joker (Vampire Records - UK)
6. Cause 4 Concern – Infectious (Cause 4 Concern - UK)
7. Aphonic – Strut (Lifestyle Music - UK)
8. L 33 – Melancholia (Ammunition Recordings - US)
9. Mako - By Firelight (Metalheadz Platinum - UK)
10. Mosus & HLZ - Nexus 7 (Liquid V - UK)
11. ENA - Guess What (Murder Channel Records – Canada)
12. Pythius – Trauma (Rotation Deep - UK)
13. SpectraSoul – Insignia (Exit Records - UK)
14. dBridge - The Yearning (Exit Records - UK)
15. Mav and Twister - The Tubes (Offshore Recordings - US)
16. DJ Patience - Once Again (LBC & Blast Remix) (Rumour Records - UK)
17. Facs – Dekweef (Droppin' Science - UK)
18. Ed:it – Element (Med School - UK)
19. Atmospherix – Pressure (IM:Ltd - France)
20. Eleven8 - Subterranean Wastelands (Flexout Audio - UK)
21. Mikal - Fear The Unknown ( Metalheadz - UK)
22. K@oS - Never Watch Television (Raptors Den Records - UK)
23. Able Danger – Asteria (Vampire Records - UK)
24. Spinline – Protocol (Demand Records - Switzerland)
25. 3x6 - State Of Reunion (Subroc Recordings - Japan)
26. Klute - We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive Remix) (Commercial Suicide - UK)
27. Resound/Mineral - Uncertain Soundscapes (Lightless Recordings - Finland)
28. Raiden - M82 (Offkey - UK)
29. M-Zine, Scepticz and Distant Future - Magnetic Fields (Samurai Music – New Zealand)
30. Leon Switch - No More Answers (Defcom Records - UK)
31. Icicle – Anxious (Shogun Audio - UK)
32. Vertigo - The Drained (Droppin' Science - UK)
33. Paradox - The Unspoken Divide (Remix) (Paradox Music - UK)
34. Kemal – Bleed (Negative Recordings - UK)
35. Seba - Pressure Point (Metalheadz Platinum - UK)
36. Hi-Lar - Back On Trip (LXC Remix) (Offshore Recordings - US)
37. Craggz & Parallel - Turn the Page (Product - UK)
38. Fanu - Semena-worck (Lightless Recordings - Finland)
39. Royalston - Slimebanks (VIP) (Hospital Records - UK)
40. Jazzatron - Flexy Jazzy (Celsius Recordings - Netherlands)
41. EBK – Suffocate (Vampire Records - UK)
42. Gookey – Magnetosphere (Absys Records - Ireland)
43. Pariah - Sub Zero (720 Degrees - UK)
44. Dak – Nutcase (Counter Intelligence - UK)
45. John B - Voltage Control (New Identity Recordings - UK)