Freestyle Friday

Freestyle Friday

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Freestyle Friday
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Shop at Zayre, spend the day at Six Flags Atlantis, then hang out at Hot Wheels. Zog brings you back and shows you how it was done in the late 80's and early 90's in Miami! 33 minutes of Freestyle Classics from artists like Stevie B, Cynthia, Johnny O, George Lamond and more!


Playing tracks by Cynthia, Lisette Melendez, Tony Johns Edits, Cynthia/Johnny O, Coro and more.

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Hey Dj Zog. You absolutely rock. This is Brenda that works in the skateroom at Hot Wheels Skating Center/Superwheels. Thank you. I remember when you visited the rink.

Jenny Lynn Wooley

The best!

Karl Sjoblom

Oliver Zogby.... that's a #$# up name.... lol.... yo please upload more especially the retro mixes and hiphop... u use to cut the hell out of that fabolous record!




Like always DJ Zog your the best!!!!!! I love this mix!!!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!! I always enjoy your mixes!!!!!!!