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by DarKNooP
  • 37
  • 6 years ago


D&B mixed by Killa , enjoy!



Simply tripped into the fringes of Time itself while this mix played out, 4 real !
"Back to The beginning..." and what an act it is to reach the transmission's origin,?

[ Like actually having a beacon still beeping in the deepest lurches of The Bermuda Triangle and arriving there to find a vortex defying all modern day scientific laws and theories as the balance of the existing world barely hangs in balance,?
Thankfully - I didn't find myself unburying sacred scrolls or stealing relics and artifacts to reveal the timeless secret of where bass music was headed; I just simply admitted to myself that all music would eventually fold in on itself at one point or another and those able to transform, integrate and morph those sounds simultaneously and effortlessly wouldn't perish to the travesty of unevolving sound and art begotten to the aimless and unattentive, but to fully immerse one's appreciation in all things audio would there rise a new kind of listener and/ or production capable of breeding future music at all moments in the essence that even music of the past could be recalled on an instant's request,?
Bubbling, boiling, brooding and toiling... I have finally begun the greatest test of all; to allow even the nearest silence to become infused in all oracles of audio magistry - that the simplest act of allowing music to be is accepting that all things can be made to make sound, noise and to react in combination to other sounds... and so even the planet alone has a sound; a heartbeat all its own,?
And so, to record and assemble sound using all things heard & unheard can have its chance at dissolving all misconception of what so many dare not consider about notes and pitch and somber hums that exist everywhere,? Let The Revolution begin! =]