DJ CprodG

Brooklyn, United States

DJ CprodG hails from Chi-town, but is currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Being a DJ for over 20 years, he has blessed dance floors at various lounges, bars, venues, outside/indoor events, and weddings all over the United States and Internationally. He was destined to become a DJ. Since he was an infant and discovered, on his own, how to operate his parents stereo system, music has been a part of his life. His aim, as a DJ, is to not discriminate and blend together all forms of music that makes you feel good.

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DJ CprodG

DJ CprodG has been around music since taking his first step as an infant. The story goes he learned how to turn on the stereo, put on headphones, and rock out while in diapers, before uttering his first words. He was destined to become a DJ.

His aim, as a DJ, is to be the mixmaster of blending all forms of music together that makes you feel good and to keep the dance floors packed and rockin’ on and on and on.

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