Thirty Third Orbit

Thirty Third Orbit

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Thirty Third Orbit
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Originally recorded 2015.01.20

This is by far the most deliberately narrative set I've done to date. It tells the emotional story, in chronological order, of my 'big year' of travel from August 2013 to August 2014. It's almost entirely Vocal Trance, and I spent a couple of months, on and off, choosing the tracks and testing the mixes that would eventually make up this set. The mood of the tracks and the lyrics are all deliberately chosen to reflect my journey, and some mixes and key changes are used to create a specific feeling. After a hopeful, loving start, the set will pass through sadness, heartbreak, and loneliness, before finding a determined, happy, fun place, a new romance, loss, a return home, and hope.

Please enjoy :)


Playing tracks by Chicane, Motif, Hannah Magenta, Headstrong aka Don Jackson, Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Myon & Shane 54, Aruna and more.



Instant favourite, a carefully curated journey. Bravo.

Geoff Brown