Para - Like Moths

Para - Like Moths

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Para - Like Moths
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Para decided to do this mix after a night of watching Television , Program after program of complete irrelevant Nonsense sandwhiched between advert after advert trying thier best to sell me something we really don't need
He turned off the TV and started working on this mix
He was initially going to make this a complete Instrumental mix but ended up dropping the odd Vocal track in there too
Its a little darker than his usual mixes but gave him the opportunity to include tracks that we really like listening to
Its a non stop continuous 60min mix and we are giving it away for free so enjoy
Para has been putting out mix CD's since the late 90's, he joined the Breakin Bread stable in 2007 and has put out a few 7"s a couple of mix CDs and his debut album
For more info on Para check here
For all Paras releases on Breakin Bread go here


(tracklist is a selection of the artists used)


Playing tracks by Para.



Nice one for tunring the TV off and doing something much better instead x

Peter Slater

i love this mix! is there anyway you could hook us up with a DL link please.

Gary John Cartwright

Mad cut n paste beats...Para,love it


West Swindon in the place!


Great mix! Brilliant cut'n pasting.