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Hudson Unplanned

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Hudson Unplanned
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We welcome back one of our favourite guest DJ Hudson. This time round he’s gone into this mix totally unplanned…………
as the man himself says “Normally when I do a mix there’s a concept or theme in mind but this time I thought let’s not think about it and just see what happens, so here it is an unplanned mix of me pulling out new and old goodies from a room full of records - live and direct”
We hope you’ll agree the resulting mix is a tribute to the mans skills as well as his vinyl collection! The mix takes in indie hip hop, unknown mash ups, soul, funk, disco and more. A superb mix from a superb DJ! Enjoy!

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Playing tracks by Lord Sear, Mood Swingaz, All Natural, Fela Kuti, Freestyle Fellowship and more.

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Jamie McHale


DJ Golden Rain

cool staff

Sara Brunskill

Classic Hudson awesomeness!!

Liza Dj

Pretty cool set!




Any chance of a playlist as some tunes were a little too obscure for Shazam

Breakin Bread

Track list will be up on website soon


I loved this mix


Banging stuff, a great listen🎧

Dinked Records

Nice mix!