DJ Moneyshot's Daily Bread

DJ Moneyshot's Daily Bread

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DJ Moneyshot's Daily Bread
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Mr Moneyshot is back with another dope Bread themed mix but……Oops! Looks like DJ Moneyshot has got his days mixed up…From Monday to Sunday the much-loved disc jock has thumbed through his extensive record collection to find all the joints inspired by each of the seven days. Admittedly, the weekend gets the lion’s share, but what you gonna do? No one wants to name many jams after a dank Tuesday, do they? In this whopping set The Allergies main man covers pysch, soul, classic hip-hop, funk, reggae, disco, beats, and breaks, cutting and blending the way only he can. So, if you’re after that Friday feeling, or wanna shift them Monday blues, hit play and let DJ Moneyshot make your day. ENJOY!

DJ Moneyshot is part of the funky hip-hop outfit, The Allergies.
Their latest single, ‘2 Much! feat. Andy Cooper’ is out NOW on digital and 45. Catch them doing it live in city near you... too




Playing tracks by Los Fulanos, Spanky Wilson, No To Co, Sunday Social, Brass Monkey and more.

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DJ Challi Source

Great mix perfect for after Shindig you Allergies amazing on sunday loved your set as ever


Another great mix Roy!


Thank you Moneyshot for this mix!
Souvenir of a set in Besançon at the RHODIA to pay tribute to ADAM YAUCH/ MCA of BEASTIS BOYS with your colleagues DJ CHEEBA and DJ FOOD .
Thank you for your always eclectic mix!!
Happy weekend

Sherlock Ohms

Love it - what's the track?

Liza Dj

Dope session!

Alex A

Amazing set enjoyed every minute

Mister Salt

Moneyshot give me a god dam break will ya!

DJ One Love

Superb as always my man!!! Everyone loving the after pub Thursday night Moneyshot mix right now!!

DJ Moneyshot

Fuck Garfield! I LIKE Mondays.

Phil Brettle

Dope mix as always 👊