A Library Mix - Paul T

A Library Mix - Paul T

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A Library Mix - Paul T
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Paul T from Color Climax digs deep into his crates to pull out his favourite Library records. Not records he nicked from Coventry Library over many years, these are tunes made for selling to TV, radio, films, adverts and more by Music Libraries such as KPM, De Wolfe, Telemusic and more. Library music has become a genre in its own right and aficionados like Paul T have amazing collections of music most people have never heard of. Beats, breaks, deep grooves, atmospheric tunes and downright bangers…… Paul T has delivered a seamless soundtrack of them all with a slightly uneasy commentary. We hope you recognise some of these and we hope you enjoy….


Playing tracks by Funky Flight (KPM), Hogans Thing (De Wolfe), Block Buster (KPM), Trumpets & CO (Telemusic), Enterprising Smithy (De Wolfe) and more.

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Gary Payne

Terrific mix ,great use of safety add would love to hear more of same . Thanks!

Katerina Nikolaou

Very very nice!

Mr Strutt

Thanks Paul!

Mr Strutt

wow - what is the funk track at 57 minutes?

Paul T

Roland Kovac-Operation Rose

Paul T.

One Take Tapes

Cool Library Mix!

Shawn Mayall

Absolutely loving this mix. Would have paid more attention to those safety ads had they been made this way!


A timely reminder for anyone suffering from Seventies nostalgia of just what a terrifying place it was. I'm amazed to have made it out alive frankly.

Tyran Dennis

Good Lord.

DJ Hudson

Tip top as always! Excellent library selection.

Jungo Mones

Amazing - maybe it's my headphones, maybe it's my mushrooms, i don't know. Thanks tho

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