Brand Assets & Guidelines

Logotype & Colors

Just a few simple rules to keep in mind when using the Mixcloud logo.


2 logo variations

Our logo comes in these two variations: the full logo which should be used whenever possible if it fits; the cloud symbol for square spaces, icons, etc.

Pure White






4 color variations

You can use our logo on these four colors. Please try to stick to this palette when using the Mixcloud logo.

Brand assets pack

We’ve prepared a brand assets pack for when you’d like to use Mixcloud-related imagery. The pack contains:

  • Mixcloud logos in raster and vector formats on a range of different backgrounds and color configurations
  • Screenshots of the website and mobile apps in use with no “browser chrome” or decoration

You’re free to use the brand assets pack as you wish — we just ask you respect our “things to consider” below.

Download Assets (.zip file, 4.7mb)
A screenshot of the Mixcloud website

Things to consider

When using our name, logo and product screenshots.

Name & Spelling

Whenever you mention us, please make sure you spell our name right. The correct word is Mixcloud and any other use case is wrong (e.g. mixcloud, mixCloud, MixCloud, Mix cloud, etc). Thanks!


Please don’t use our name or logo in any way that might imply sponsorship or affiliation without our permission. Also, don’t include them as part of your product, service, trade or domain name.


When using our product screenshots don’t put overlapping elements, text or any non-Mixcloud user interface components on top. Please don’t change the colors, desaturate or blur the images.