New Delhi, India

on air is an online radio station borne of an urgent need for a community-run platform focusing on alternative music and culture in India. In order to serve the community’s needs and help it thrive, we offer a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent musical and cultural scenes, both on and off the Internet.

Within the archives of, you’ll find an authentic patchwork of music programming that is both free from the constraints of genre, and representative of an incredibly-diverse musical landscape.

From the the rap music of the subcontinent's contrasting gullies to the dynamic dance music that informs its growing club culture to the multitude of windows offering a peek into India’s rich cultural heritage with a healthy nod towards its global outlook, our daily programming offers up musical discovery like few others do.

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Hello Mixcloud family! We're, a 24/7 online community radio embodying the sounds of young India. Our staff of 15 and 90+ hosts work to make community radio a tenable alternative to the mainstream in this big nation. In our archives or by tuning in live, you can navigate India's gloriously diverse musical terrain. From gully-rap to techno, Bollywood through to boom-bap, we offer up something original for everyone. Your support will help keep the community radio dream alive and further our goal of financial independence in an era when precious little is available to support the arts.

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