KUABEE - Mixtape

KUABEE - Mixtape

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KUABEE - Mixtape
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Hi, I am Jukio Kallio, also known as KUABEE. I'm an award-winning videogame and electronic music composer from Helsinki.

On top of parties (played many times at A MAZE. too!), I've brought games like Nuclear Throne, Bleed 2, Luftrausers and Evil Factory (among so many others) into life. You can also hear my work in things like Super Game Jam, a documentary about game jams, and Veggiemancer, a short animation.

You can find all my work on www.jukiokallio.com.

CHEERS and hope you enjoy this relaxing dance mixtape!


Playing tracks by Kuabee, Koi, Kimotimo, Yoko Kanno feat. Yuuka Nanri, Kozilek and more.