Wave Runner : Short Waves : 07

Wave Runner : Short Waves : 07

3 years ago
Wave Runner : Short Waves : 07

30 minute episodes of 80’s New Wave, Synthpop & New Romantic music with commentary on each song, the date of release and some very brief histories. Not too long, not too short! Just 30 minutes of nostalgic time travel to a magical era of fun and fashion! Hosted by Motuvius Rex, Wave Runner is a program of Radio Arcane based in Louisville, Kentucky.


Playing tracks by The Cure, China Crisis, Near Paris, SSQ and Fiction Factory.

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Near Paris was one of my most wanted records after I first heard a snippet sample on ebay in mid 2000s, got it a few years later and paid around $100 for it! This was several years before Medical Records put out the reissue. I found out who the person who put it out was and it turned out to be this guy who owned a record shop in Columbus, Ohio that I would go to when visiting my older brother who lived there which had the best goth selection in town in the later 90s. I found this guy's email online and sent him a message thinking he may still have a box of copies in his garage, he told me the band broke up right after recording the 12" and he was so pissed that he burned them all. Obviously he was full of shit or exaggerating as many obviously survived, but maybe several copies of the limited pressing were destroyed. Members had a previous band called Post Industrial Noise that Medical Records also reissued and is minimal new wave despite the name.

Wave Runner Romantic

Amazing story!

Motuvius Rex

I need to have you send me a small list of some obscure 80's New Wave and/or Synth oriented 80's wave sometime, monsieur Vomito. Just a itty bitty list..

Motuvius Rex

Or, you could just be on the show yourself!

Wave Runner Romantic

01 : The Cure - The Upstairs Room (1983)
02 : China Crisis - Tragedy and Mystery (1983)
03 : Near Paris - Everything Will Change (1985)
04 : SSQ - Anonymous (1983)
05 : Fiction Factory - (Feels Like) Heaven (1983)