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S/W/City, United Kingdom

WESUP is a brand new ocean sports concept set to launch in April 2011 and we hope to expand the minds of the SUP community with music and events on a level they dont yet understand...

WE are based on Nivea Suns best beach in the UK and it just so happens we have an amazing beach side venue to squeeze 250 peeps in and with 4000 art students based up the road at the new Uni, we're looking forward to some HOT, live nights in 2011.

We looking for Live artists and Djs to get in touch for VIP Showcase shows of which only about 4 will happen each year on our patch. We want to keep it super exclusive and super fresh so get in touch if you wanna get involved.

More info at www.WESUP.co.uk
Contact Sean on 07789 717449




Georgios - Ghetto Disco