Taking Flight

Taking Flight

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Taking Flight
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* let's climb aboard the floating craft and drift along the astral plane as we head to a colorful cerebral universe in search of brain sugar in the form of an aural transmission
* do not operate heavy machinery while taking in this amalgamation of color (AKA colour) and sound
* this session has been optimized with only non-GMO, certified organic, all natural, detoxifying cognitive jelly
* lame self-gratification alibi: 3 of my own compositions are within, but I actually approve of this
* turn on, tune in, take flight...

* download this mix here: https://tonepoet.podbean.com/e/taking-flight-1613868084/
* follow me for musical updates here: https://www.facebook.com/tonepoetmusic
* and my own music! (shameless plug): https://www.tonepoet-music.com


Playing tracks by Tonepoet, Black Brunswicker, A Veiled Frame in Amber, Hazy, Sleeping Summer and more.

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Jp Boudreau

Some fine guitar work on your track there Tonepoet

litha melamane

awesome. quality sessions. thank you. # stay safe# stay home#. respect and peace. god blessed us. have a wonderfully week. amen. greetings from cape town


Glad that you liked it, I consider that a successful mission Peace.

Matthew Foord

Music to soothe the soul Thomas. Endless Smiles


Thanks for your support always, Matthew. Peace.


Many thanks TP. Opening track is sublime!


Thanks so much, bobhun. The opening track is from an album of mine (shameless plug ahead) called Taking Flight which you can download for free here (all of my music is free): https://tonepoet.bandcamp.com/album/taking-flight

I decided to include my own music (against my better judgment) and name if after the album (because I liked the title). Thanks for tuning in and floating along the ether with me, your attendance is highly appreciated. Peace.