STUDIO 27° / DJMBT w/ Veronique - 15-Jul-21

STUDIO 27° / DJMBT w/ Veronique - 15-Jul-21

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STUDIO 27° / DJMBT w/ Veronique - 15-Jul-21
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OYOKO / DJMBT will be exploring Cameroon’s musical and rhythmic heritage and its relationship to the Jazz tradition together with cultural worker and producer Veronique. Where Cameroon’s sound meets Jazz and delves into the sonic interventions that have revolutionised Cameroonian genres of music and dance. In the context of Cameroon’s cultural history, the music’s entanglements with the Jazz tradition are marked by the influence of various artists such as Francis Bebey, Mekongo Président, Rachel Tchoungui, Les Têtes Brûlées, Manu Dibango, Armand Sabal - Lecco... Veronique will share the story of their encounters with sound and heritage.

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