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The Outstanding DJ Blustar

Maryland, United States

His DJ style consists of a lot of wordplay during transitions, wide range of song selection, utilization of the looping technique that brings energy to crowds, with a few scratching techniques applied. He is a member of No B.S DJ crew as well as a constituent of the Coalition DJs. He DJ’s for multiple artist including 3ohBlack, Kolten Perine, Projex, Johnny Rocket, Gregory Tre and Amala. His stamp of approval seems to proceed many of the DMV’s most successful productions, and that legitimizes his role as a local music mogul. He is a DJ that fully believes in trying to give the crowd what they want. Follow him on social media via Instagram at @DJBlustar and @TheOutstandingDJBlustar

The Outstanding DJ Blustar

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The Outstanding DJ Blustar

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