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  • 6 years ago
Show #14 (2/12/2013)

Show #14 (2/12/2013)


Craig Johnson

Hell no there shouldn't be gay boy scouts. But if one happens to be gay so be it no need to announce it. If a boy happens to be walking around acting like a girl(cause we know kids copy what they see)they should be turned away instantly. Parents have a right to have a problem with who their kids are around. I'm telling u guys dogs are next and I'm not exaggerating, whenever the media decides the world is ready thats what will happen and the gradual grooming will commence. Nowadays we got gay preachers lol, the world is going to shit.

The only reason this gay stuff in Obamas term started in the first place is because he wanted to get reelected and need more voters AND it to take the attention from the shortcomings like jobs gas and healthcare, THE IMPORTANT stuff. Last I checked Gay people were getting along just fine before Obama and werent all in our face. I know yall dont believe in God but that gay shit has to stop or just be kept out of the kids ears and minds, cause grownups can think for themselves, kids are fragile.

Dorner did some fucked up shit but I cant help but feel for him. If he killed my family member I would be mad, I look at it like shrapnel. The means dont justify the ends but I understand, he reached the boiling point as a fed up motherfucker.