Your Station.

3 years ago

A little over a year ago Thames FM hit the airwaves, conceived and executed by a man with a vision, on a mission, we have now grown to somewhere we only dreamt of when we first started.
However, that growth, the new DJs we have joining us, the extended schedule, meaning we are on air 24/7, allowing us to reach our global listeners at a time likely to be convenient to them, and our growing reputation as London's leading Community Soul Radio Station have culminated in dipping our toes into the Mixcloud Select water.
We have considered Mixcloud as a vital part of who we are, so all the broadcast shows are uploaded here, generally within a week of airing, and this has allowed you to catch the shows you want whenever suits you best.
This has resulted in a considerable back catalogue of shows available for you to listen to, and we believe this gives you greater flexibility to choose when and how to hear our shows.
We love live radio - the listener feedback and interaction is what makes it so special, and we would love you to catch the shows when they air tune in at - but we know life interferes, and in these challenging times, even more so, and so we believe Mixcloud is the way to give you access to the shows you missed or the ones you want to hear again.
We are ad free, and will remain so as long as we are able, and our DJs play the music they love, out of a love for the music, not for financial reward.
We too are not a profit making business - we have and continue to invest our time and money in making TFM what it is - but we do have running costs: internet server and website costs, we want to develop a Google and Apple listening apps, and an Alexa app, but these all cost money, and up to now we have held back from trying to cover costs in any way at all.
However, we think the Mixcloud Select model allows money to be paid to the artists whose music we play and showcase, and to help us with the costs of running the station.
What will you get?
Exclusive access to the broadcast shows, of course, and we will look at providing other content, free to all Select subscribers as well as give aways and advance information about up coming events and promotions.
So, join us on our journey to give London back its Soul.