Lost Transitions: Duality

Lost Transitions: Duality

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Lost Transitions: Duality

An eerie evolving adventure in Melodic/Dark Techno with a sprinkling of Tech House.

Let's bring some quantum uncertainty in to the mix!

Enjoy Responsively :-) Happy 2020

Track List
1 Quark (original mix) - Enamour & Rinzen
2 Amnesia Resonance - Remcord
3 Hale Bopp (Boris Brejcha remix) - Der Dritte Raum
4 Lady Luck (City Lights) (Solee remix) - Timo Garcia, Amber Jolene
5 Instinct - Christian Craken
6 Ambidextrous (original mix) - Westend
7 Veda - Christian Hornbostel
8 Heaven Scent (OC & Verde remix) - Bedrock
9 EKT - Lee Van Dowski
10 Recognizer - Collective States
11 Vigilance - Umek
12 The Moment - Metodi Hristov
13 Transvection - Jspr
14 The Walker - Roberto Capuano


Playing tracks by Enamour & Rinzen, Remcord, Der Dritte Raum, Timo Garcia, Amber Jolene, Christian Craken and more.

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a.b.e. (aye-bee-eee)

Nice journey! I appreciated the remix of 'heaven scent'. I have the origanal on vinyl still. Great track selection. Well placed. I immagined i was at a Rave. I'd book ya ;) I am know to preplan sets, like you, to create a journey, because i really wanna deliver to the audience. On my page i have 'Artist sets' and 'just dj'ing around'. You re-posted a set where i just got new tracks of and didn't know the music and was flying blind cuz a friend told me to just hit record. 'Flight Home'. I was like "WAIT! I can do better, don't repost THAT! Lol. Try listening to 'Chronic Illusions' or 'GET OVER IT'. Although unfinished, they were pre-planned Artist sets. You might enjoy those journey's better. Cheers buddy! I look forward to continue listening to ALL your sets :)


I have to say that this guy was always one of my favourite Mixcloud Creators and it’s great to have him back in the room 🧙‍♂️ Definitely worth giving this set the respect it deserves and listening all the way through as you’ll experience the whole Epic Journey 🚀 Big Love and Respect 🧡👊

The Original DJ MasterB

Jonny VIBE, you have me blushing! Thanking you for your uplifting feedback. Most appreciated, I hope you have a very good year. Respect back to you too.


Glad you’re back in action B ! Thanks for supplying us with a splendid journey 😉

The Original DJ MasterB

Oh yeah!, where did you get to? ;) I guess this is payback time for all those great trips you took me on!! ;)

Mr C

Ambidextrous BOOM

The Original DJ MasterB

Good to hear you are enjoying the session Mr C. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Enjoy!! :)

Mr C

Tunes Galore Master B :)

Andrew j Long

What a session mate absolutely stunning!! Nice to see you back and smashing it 🙏👊

The Original DJ MasterB

Yeah, it feels good to get another one out there. Good to hear from you Andrew and best wishes for the new year mate. :)

The Original DJ MasterB

Good to hear from you Charisse. Thanks for feeding back, have a great 2020!.

DJ Mário Afonso

Maravilhoso trabalho Parabéns

The Original DJ MasterB

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the session. Have a great 2020! :)


What a comeback, Master OB1! Seems like couple of us were lacking some serious time the last few months...☹️ Great to have you back. 👍👍 All the best in 2020, grandmaster B! 🎉🎊

The Original DJ MasterB

Cheers Professor X :) It feels good to be back in the saddle. Its been a frustrating few months, but I should have some good time to dedicate now!!


Look who’s back!! 🙌🏼👏🏼✌🏼 crankin it up now 🎧🎶 good to have your sound permeating the waves again!

The Original DJ MasterB

Thanks for getting in touch my friend. Hope you enjoy this one. Happy new year to you. :)

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