This Week @ SXSW (2/1/2018)

This Week @ SXSW (2/1/2018)

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This Week @ SXSW (2/1/2018)
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This Week @ SXSW is a weekly Specialty Show on SXSWfm where we play music from newly announced artists performing at the upcoming SXSW 2018 Music Festival.


Only Girl (London, Soul) - Heights
Rosemary & Garlic (Netherlands, Folk) - I’m here
Bully (Nashville, Rock) - Running
Savak - (Brooklyn, NY, Punk) - I Wanna Exist
Suzi Wu (London, Pop) - Taken Care Of
Dryspell (Austin, indierock) - You Without Me
I AM SNOW ANGEL (New York, NY, Electonic) - Fever
White Reaper (Louisville KY, Rock Alternative) - Make Me Wanna Die (OLD LIBRARY)
Micki Miller (South Bend, TX, R&B) - Cruisin
Kadesh Flow (Kansas City MO, Hip Hop) - Boxes
Black Prophet (Accra GHANA, World) - In Times LIke This
16 The Olympus (San Antonio, Jazz) - Falco


Playing tracks by Heights, Rosemary & Garlic, Bully, Savak, Suzi Wu and more.

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