#118 Typhoon Haiyan

#118 Typhoon Haiyan

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#118 Typhoon Haiyan
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November 13, 2013
#118 Typhoon Haiyan
This week: Welcome peeps! Typhoon Haiyan kills an estimated 10,000 people; Is climate change to blame for Typhoon Haiyan?; We Uncovered a Major Claim by the Cops in the New Mexico Anal Probe Case When We Went Digging Through the Arrest Affidavit; ‘Campaign to Stop Killer Robots’ says UN must stop development of weapons that engage targets without human intervention; Moon Landing Hoax Believers Follow Party Lines: Report; Manthony’s going to the ‘Dark Universe’!; SPACE CAMP RADIO Spin Class!!!; Beast Patrol plays with Royal Canoe at Glasslands... and of course, space.

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