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Now Parlez 12

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Now Parlez 12

We're back in the summer of 1988 for another edition of Now Parlez! This time we're discussing Now That's What I Call Music 12 and playing some tracks from an original vinyl copy. Along the way we discover how the smallest hit on the album was its performer's biggest US hit of the '80s, how the compilers of Now 12 accidentally helped out Hits 8, and what happens when a famous American musician gets metricated. Hit PLAY to join the madness!


Playing tracks by Wet Wet Wet, Tiffany, Elton John, The Timelords, Aswad and more.


Moira Hook

Loving it Stephen - keep up the good work and upload the April 12 1998 of the BBC Radio 1 Official UK Top 40 chart this week (It's one where ''Sex And Candy'' enters at Number 29)

Lots of love, Karl Hook-Willers, Mixcloud user from Essex

Stephen "The Radio Kid" Emmett

I'll attempt to find that chart for you Moira

Stephen "The Radio Kid" Emmett

Love this, guys!

Sound of the Crowd

Thank you!