Nightmares On Wax

Ibiza, Spain

Nightmares on wax presents - DJ E.A.S.E selection of Wax Da Box weekly radio shows on , DJ sets from Wax Da Jam & Wax Da Beach Ibiza - Music for OUR soul :-) xxx

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Nightmares On Wax

Yo yo family! DJ E.A.S.E aka Nightmares on Wax here. I’ve been making records, DJing, remixing and hosting radio shows for 30 odd years now with an archive of over 500 shows. I hope these shows can in some way brighten up your day, bring back some special memories and spread some positive vibrations. ALL the proceeds will go to the PRS Emergency Relief Fund, which was set up to support its members with emergency aid during the crisis. Let’s do what we can to support the many artists we love and need our help. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe! Much love, E.A.S.E.

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