Mad One

Bad Kreuznach, Germany

! MAINLY ̧Ḑŗu̧m̧ ̧&̧ ̧B̧a̧şş !
+ all its Subgenres

Upload once or twice a week

Dad of 1Boy and 1Girl, 80s & 90s Kid, TV+Movie-Junkie, Audio-Junkie, Nature+Art Lover, Care Worker, MTB-Rider.
Started 85/86 with a Keyboard & experiments with 2 Tapedecks and makin Beats with an Amiga 500.
94/95 I started Bedroom-DJing and got addicted to Beats and D&B + Jungle.
Late 90s´til 2000s few times Blue Marlin Club (Bad Kreuznach) and many Partys,
04.2018 Bedroom-Mixing (after+-15 Years Time-Out gathering Vinyl.

Occasionally I play Indipendent&
Alternative/Underground HIP HOP from all over the World, Dub,
TRIP HOP, TURNTABLIZM, Funk, Jazz (Sample Originals).
Minimal&Industrial-Techno, Acid, Rhythmic-Noise, Industrial & EBM.
Djent, Mathcore, Deathcore, Stoner,
Alternative+Nu Metal,
New Wave+Postpunk & Avantgarde.
- PREFER Non-Charts, Dark, Experimental or Abstract Stuff
from 70's 'til now -

Dive in and leave your worries behind. Thanks 4 Tuning in!
Happy 4 Comments ;-)


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