Kool Strings 12-06-2022

Kool Strings 12-06-2022

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Kool Strings 12-06-2022

Albums de la semaine: Ex-Gold "We Are Gold" & La Jungle "Ephemeral Feast"

Avec également: The Loud Bangs, Dummy, Nuggiez, Heavy Medical, Hickeys, Errorr, Todd Briefly, Yoo Doo Right, Cat Piss, Cocaine Piss, Sacred Blue, Paint Nothing, Wailin Storms, Oiseaux-Tempête, Dug, Holy Scum et bien d'autres...

PLAYLIST: https://www.koolstrings.net/playlist.php?id_playlist=977


Playing tracks by hurry up, wild world, ex-gold, la jungle, the loud bangs and more.

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    25th in the post-punk Chart

    25th in the post-punk Chart