Kool Strings 05-02-2017

Kool Strings 05-02-2017

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Kool Strings 05-02-2017

A GAGNER! 2x1 places: J.C. Satan + Komplikations + Sunddunes (11/2 @ Kultura. / Liège)
[concours ouvert jusqu'au jeudi 9/2 - 13h]

Albums de la semaine: Hollywoodfun Downstairs "Tetris" & The Stargazer Lilies "Part Time Punks"

3D's consacrée à Pure Moods

Agenda Magasin 4

PLAYLIST: http://www.koolstrings.net/playlist.php?id_playlist=688


Playing tracks by Halfsour, Pleather purrs, Hollywoodfun downstairs, The Stargazer lilies, Moonwalks and more.

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    27th in the post-punk Chart