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Irvin Cee

Leuven, Belgium

My tunes are the result of a careful selection by Mr. Heart and Dr. Soul. - DJ Irvin Cee
I play a broad spectrum of Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno and Hard Techno.

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Irvin Cee

I’m a music lover not a fighter, nah that’s not true I would fight for some fresh new music.
At 55 it’s new music that keeps me going. Even when I was I teenager and started DJ’ing at 14 I always wanted to play new music. The tunes you hear on the radio? Ha, I played those 3 months ago.
I rebooted my old radio show “Looking for the Perfect Beat” in 2014.
Deep House, House, Tech House and Techno.
And I must confess, loads of old tracks sampled or remixed.

All sets are the non-hosted versions, that’s right no talking.

Have a great time and keep on dancing.

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