Cosmic Turtle 17.01.22

Cosmic Turtle 17.01.22

2 years ago
Cosmic Turtle 17.01.22
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Anssi this is one of my favorites. I keep coming back to it. I just had a cover of Kenny Knights “One Down” on bublights last mix. I’d be honored to have it in your next playlist or one of my original songs. Keep it cosmic!


Kenny Knight sounds bite ! Ooooh that’s right ! 🌵

Anssi Lihtonen

Kenny is the Man! You know it scottyboylawrie!

Anssi Lihtonen

1. Don Lange - Heart of Darkness, Heart of Light 2. Ted White & Top Shelf - Sunshine (Light Up My Life) 3. Victor Paul & William Ricketts - When Love Past You By 4. Express - Golden Ships 5. The Creamcheese Good-Time Band - Living Without You 6. William C. Beeley - Rainbow Highway 7. The Babe Rainbow - Losing Something 8. Stephen Leddy - The Man Called Jesus 9. Bob Burchill - Whistle Down The Road 10. Will Beeley - I Saw Jesus Peekin’ Thru The Holy In The Sky 11. Ed Gutfreund - Come And Be At Peace 12. Joan Pricher - Sing It One More Time 13. Zechariah - Thank You 14. Stoddard & Longshore - It’s Alright 15. Dogwood Tales - Austin’s Song 16. Dogwood Tales - Living In A Shadow 17. Tobacco City - Half In The Bag