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Malaga, Spain

With over 20 years of crate digging, and turntable spinning on the odometer, Irish-born, Spanish-based electronica DJ and producer, David, a.k.a. GuyRo is no stranger to the electronic music circuit. An open mind and a fierce curiosity for anything and everything electronic music-based, he has spent the past three decades soaking up a multitude of genres and styles ranging from Detroit techno, breaks, acid, progressive, drum and bass and hip-hop. Today, GuyRo focuses on pushing an infectious fusion of synth-laden electronica, techno and progressive house. Not one to pigeonhole himself into one style, GuyRo's borderless approach traverses the BPMs and moods, you’ll be hard-pressed to argue for a lack of diversity within his sets. A self-confessed slave to the VCO's, he can be regularly found locked away in his cave jamming together ideas and carving out his signature analog synth sounds and groove.

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Hello music lover! I'm Dave. I host a regular podcast series, Sin Fronteras, that supports artists across a variety genres from ambient to breaks to melodic house and techno — hence the name. No boundaries, no limits. As fans of the series know, I look for the harder-to-find gems. For this reason alone I think Mixcloud Select is a great way to support the unsung heroes within the industry. If you subscribe to me, apart from being very humbled and honoured, it allows you have a say and gives that extra bit of gratification to those that tirelessly put their love of music creation first.

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