Programme 16: The Pattern Forms Mix

Programme 16: The Pattern Forms Mix

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Programme 16: The Pattern Forms Mix
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A Radio Belbury special brought to you by Ed Macfarlane and Jon Brooks of The Pattern Forms

Peel Away the Ivy by The Pattern Forms is out 21st October on LP, CD and Download.
Pre-order Now:


Playing tracks by Vic Flick, Paul Williams, Hawkshaw, J Hyde, Joel Vandroogenbroeck and more.

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Natasha Bene


the programme 16 by radio belbury is like drinking a glass of water !

Radio Belbury

Just you


Aye, just a temporary glitch I guess. Now I can enjoy this much anticipated mix in it's entirety. Thanking you

treasure hiding

any chance of a track listing ?

Radio Belbury

Press the button marked " tracklist". Its all there

treasure hiding

thanks - but for some reason there isn't a tracklist option on the page I see this on. !


Just so you know, the Tracklisting only seems to be available for the mobile App, I think there was an issue with Mixcloud allowing tracklistings prior to the songs actually being played or some bullshit like that (but not for the mobile app by the looks of things!)


The tracklist button on the browser version of Mixcloud has been gone for a few months now. I reported it as an error at the time(!), and to their credit, they did get back to me with this reply:
"...we make product adjustments from time to time, and sometimes we remove features from the service which are only used by the minority of users. Sometimes these are temporary other times permanent, right now we're testing reducing the player back to basics..."
Just wanted to share what I've heard.
And lovely mix btw!


This made my morning sparkle. Thank you!

Tony Malone

Shimmering loveliness with a steely spine....nice!


Nicely spacey!

Antony James


John Hartmann

Most interesting!