Olan Mill - Soundtrax

Olan Mill - Soundtrax

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Olan Mill - Soundtrax
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I often watch films, but rarely pursue their soundtracks. I personally find that a piece of music created for visuals and narrative is often left isolated when alone. Of course there are exceptions and some of these have been included in this mix along with compositions directors have heard on albums and put to work in their films.  

Hope you find something new to explore. Please check out the links; these are projects I consider particularly important.

My thanks to Dan for the opportunity to put this together. 

Olan Mill / Pausal / Rooms


Full links to films included in this mix can be found here:



Playing tracks by Jonny Greenwood , Edward Williams, Brendon Anderegg, Autechre, Logreybeam and more.



Good stuff!


Love this mix. Is there any way of finding out the tracklist? (links in the description no longer work)


Good selection. Listen my last mix it is for a contest

We Are The Now

Tranquility at its best.

Richard Outram


Stuart Hemmings

escapism for a hour , thank you


This is a great mix of tracks,.... well done!

Grant Moyes

Great mix ... relaxed me after a 12 hour shift work