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Social Music w/ Sammy Figueroa

New York City, United States

Legendary percussionist and double Grammy nominee Sammy Figueroa is well-known as one of the world's great musicians. Known for his ability to play in many styles from bebop to Brazilian, from Latin jazz to New age, Sammy has taken his knowledge of multiple genres on a musical adventure, a sonic feast of many flavors, encompassing all genres and styles, interspersed with fascinating interviews.

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Social Music w/ Sammy Figueroa

The great Miles Davis once said "Don't call it 'jazz' -- it's social music." Inspired by his words, this show offers music without boundaries and borders -- it's all the music that inspires me and I hope will inspire you as well. And the best part is that your subscription helps pay all the creators of this music for their creativity. So sign up now and join me on this musical adventure. -- Sammy Figueroa

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