MC Baustelle - Arbeitstitel / Working Title

MC Baustelle - Arbeitstitel / Working Title

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MC Baustelle - Arbeitstitel / Working Title
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Working Title, 2017
Audio guide and podcast

“Working Title” comments, samples and translates the exhibition as seen from the view point of MC Baustelle, the workers of the “Class Languages” infrastructure.

In which material languages does the exhibition speak? What are the personal experiences of “class” and “language” built into its architecture? How does “class” speak or remain silent within the production of art? “Working Title” accompanies “Class Languages” along three stages – exhibition installation, duration and a final public workshop – and is available in the form of an audio track in the exhibition and online.
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MC Baustelle are District team members Johanna Ekenhorst, Francy Fabritz, Josephine Freiberg, Naomi Hennig, Suza Husse, Younhee Kim, Anka Mirkin, Winnie Olbrich and Hassan Suleiman.
Editing: Francy Fabritz