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Day 14 Air

Day 14 Air

Welcome to day 14! Today we explore the Expressive principles of Air. Air is the most spontaneous of all the elements! In the form of wind, air can change directions at any given moment: going up, down, diagonal, backwards...just observe and you'll notice air's playful and fickle nature. Air can even express itself as a tornado if circumstances arise, creating destruction in it's path. Air teaches us the most simple of expressions: to BREATHE. Air makes life possible. On average, we take 12-20 breaths per minute. We are ALWAYS dancing with this element and it is the very life force that allows us to be embodied. When we take deep breaths we can access states of calm and literally shift our internal landscape dependent on our respiratory rate.

Air allows us to access clarity, change, and refinement. With air we activate freedom by tapping into our intuitive and mental powers. What would like to express with the help of the breath and the abundant air around you? Let's find out!


Tarnie Blint

Totally gorgeous x Thank you x

Chanti Holtl

Great set thank you....who is the African group towards the end with the great guitar riff chanting and talking drum...? Thanks 😊