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Dead Can Dance.

"Когда кто-то дает редкое понимание своей жизни, не вернуть этот жест, предавая их доверие" Dodinsky
«Quand quelqu'un vous donne un rare aperçu de leur vie, ne pas rembourser ce geste en trahissant leur confiance" Dodinsky
The chair, once you are strapped in, you will be most vulnerable.It is at this point, they will tell you are mad, obsessed and need medical attention. they will suggest that you be locked away from society as you are not socially acceptable, even if you are sane.They think they have power, think that they are above you, superior and you are below them.
Sometimes we put our trust in (so called academic) professionals, because we think they will not harm us, but some are not interested in your well being. It's a facade and it's about their own self gain..."I am here for you", is what they will say.
This soundtrack will make you think twice about making an appointment with one.




Only got around to listening to this...It is a very clever mix, but I can help feeling a lot of pain and sorrow in this. I did shed a tear as for a moment as I thought It reflected your pain and you putting thru the best way possible, thru your set. Dear Jaz, your value does not decrease because of some individuals inhability to see your worth. There is sencerity in your smile and perhaps sorrow too, but if you have given someone the best of you and they prefer the company of other men to yours, then they do not deserve you. I don't know you, but I do know there are so many people who would love to be with you. You do not know how much you bring to them. You have a gift and you share it. Which is very scarce these days as individuals only think of themselves. You think about others. Never the less...a good set. Thank you.