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The world is an infinite space of connections. Sedje Hémon’s work is a real testimony to the multiplicity and complexity of being and of knowing. How we translate and share these multiples dimensions has been the constant query of her research through art, specifically through sound, music and painting. To answer this question and put it into practice she persuasively developed multiple democratic and pedagogical methods around this matter using mnemonic devices, for instance to use the panflute as a concept and pedagogical model. Marianna Maruyama channels into this aspect of her life and her oeuvre through the medium of a live radiophonic drawing session.

Marianna Maruyama describes her multi-modal practice as translational, transformative, personal, and indebted. Since 2016, she has worked in close collaboration with the Sedje Hémon Foundation in The Hague.

Image: Installation view Sedje Hémon, Imran Mir, Abdias Nascimento, Abstracting Parables, 2022. Photo: Peter Tijhuis