Live - DarkTechno & Electro

Live - DarkTechno & Electro

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Live - DarkTechno & Electro

The finish of the Focus set last time ended up with the last two songs stuck in my head. Almost like someone wanted to ♥ I just loved the beat and melodic crossovers. This set is the result of those two songs. Is a bit wild with a lot of ups and downs but still balanced....yessss bass heavy too, so do yourself a favor and crank it up or put the headphones on ;)

Song list in the comment.

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Black Kaiser Production

Songs used:
1. Triballistic (Soman Remix) - Soman
2. Ba55 I5land (Extended Mix) - Genix
3. Tanz zu der Musik (Original Mix) - Qual & Freude
4. Heavy (Original Mix) - Charles D (USA)
5. So i love you - Electronicat
6. Blood Rave (Original Mix) - Raito
7. Beat Control (Original Mix) - Rollo (BE)
8. Resurrection - Tzafu
9. Point (Original Mix) - Habstrakt, Nitepunk
10. Dark Energy (Extended Version) - Tony Romanello
11. Vision (Dave Dee Remix) - Candiloro
12. We Came To Party (Noize Level Remix) - T3RR0R 3RR0R
13. Bad Little Kitty - Trimetrick
14. Intergalactic (Original Mix) - Kuvoka
15. Mine - Melt Motif
16. Otomo feat. O'Flynn (Original Mix) - Bonobo, O'Flynn
17. Acthung (T78 Remix) - Lisa Lashes
18. Club Mania - Pixel Grip
19. Ich will fliegen (Original Mix) - Qual & Freude
20. Randomly Selected Drawbacks of the Human Condition Pt2 - ESA
Songs source: Beatport, Bandcamp
Equipment: Roland DJ707m and Korg Minilogue

Gorgons Eye

Congrats mate, amazing mix! 😻